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The Pennsylvania Wine & Spirits Association is an association of Distributors, Importers, Vintners, and Distillers whose aim is to serve wine and spirit needs of Pennsylvanians and promote the responsible use of all alcoholic beverages.

We employ hundreds of knowledgeable salespeople and office personnel, all of whom reside and pay taxes in the Commonwealth.

Our avowed purpose is to provide our fellow citizens with the best and widest selection of wines and spirits at an attractive and reasonable price.

Our membership supplies over 95% of the wines and spirits purchased by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

Contact Information

Pennsylvania Wine &
Spirits Association

Tom Muldoon, Executive Director

2000 Hamilton St., PMB #518
Philadelphia, PA 19130
fax - 888-451-1869

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The PWSA consists of nearly forty proud companies and organizations representing the global wine & spirits industry.

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Our Mission
The purpose of this Association is to provide a membership for all individuals who represent suppliers and brokers selling wines and spirits within the State of Pennsylvania, who endorse and subscribe to the following principles of the Association:
  • To cooperate with Federal and State Authorities in the observance of laws and regulations relative to the sale of
    beverages (alcohol and wine) throughout the State of Pennsylvania.

  • To conduct themselves in a high and ethical manner so as to command public respect and be of credit to the industry and to the Membership of the Association

  • To assist members interacting socially through various functions, with the education of membership being the primary goal.